Welcome to the Friendship Baptist Association website! Hopefully you find the information you are looking for. If not please give us a call and we will be happy to help you. We are committed to helping our churches and their members and look forward to ministering to you and serving with you as you minister.
Welcome to the Friendship Baptist Association website! Hopefully you find the information you are looking for.If not please give us a call and we will be happy to help you. We are committed to helping our churches andtheir members and look forward to ministering to you and serving with you as you minister.

F.B.A. Staff

Charles Stoops
Associational Missionary
(229) 937-2350
Lance Fendley
Friendship Camp Manager
(229) 886-9971
Janet Stoops
Ministry Assistant
229 937-2350

F.B.A. Committees

General Officers

Chris Hall, Moderator                             Paul Mott, Treasurer

Mike Brandenburg, Vice Moderator         Richard Barrett, Assistant Treasurer

Janet Stoops, Clerk                                 Muff Martin, Budget Coordinator


Friendship Council

All General Officers

Steven Golden, Sunday School

Michael Truittt, Acts 1:8 Mission Leader

Mike Flowers, Discipleship/Spiritual Awakening

Cheryl Dorsey, Music

___________________________, Youth

Charles Stoops, (Ex Officio)

Lance Fendley, (Ex Officio)


Acts 1:8 Mission Council

Michael Truitt                                     Jeff Gossett

Gary Simmons                                    Scotty Jones

Joyce Carreker                                    Deryk Stoops

Drue Thompson                                 Mark Williams

Cindy Schaeffner, WMU                      

Sam Harper, Hispanic Mission Coordinator         

Janet Stoops, FBA/UCBA Partnership Coordinator


Camp Development Committee

Paul Mott                                          Richard Barrett

Gary Simmons                                  Julius McAllister

Gerald Mixon


Personnel Committee     Nominating Committee     Constitution/ByLaws

Gerald Mixon                    Tonia Barrett                         Mark Williams

Cindy Schaeffner               Raymond Smith                    Paul Mott

Doug Carreker                   Ray Smith                            


Executive Committee      Michael Truitt 


Accociational Camps Team

Melissa McAllister, Day Camp Director

Luke Fendley and Michael Waldron, Boys Camp Directors

Laura Fendley and Libba Waldron, Girls Camp Directors

Lance & Tina Fendley, Youth Camp Directors

Janet Stoops, Friendship Camps Communication Coordinator



Don Bond                           Gene Simmons                   Kenny Welch

Friendship Baptist Association

504 E. Oglethorpe Street

Ellaville, GA  31806


Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed on Friday


Phone: (229) 937-2350

Fax: (229) 937-2351


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