A History of Faithfulness

The Friendship Baptist Association established a committee in 1951 to begin work on an associational campground. The first building project - the pond - was completed in 1955. Thanks to your ongoing support of FBA churches, there has been a major building project an average of every 5.5 years ever since then.


But the physical growth is only part of the Friendship Camp story.

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Thanks to the faithfulness of those early associational forefathers, generations of children have come to know God. Friendship Camp is more than just an evangelism tool. It's also a place of intentional discipleship that has given many a greater love for God.


And that's not just limited to summer camps. Since the addition of the gymnasium in 2015, Friendship Camp has become a place of year-round ministry for all ages.


In 2023:

  • More than 300 campers came to Friendship Camp during June. There were 17 salvations.
  • Around 70 women of all ages attended a mission conference in September.
  • Over 400 men came to the Seaon Opener dinner in October. There were 40 salvations11 recommitments, and an additional 112 said it was a time of refocusing for them.
  • A former Friendship camper and AIM Missionary left for the foreign mission field


 The Camp Development committee is faithfully developing the camp to better minister to others. Just this year, they added a new gravel parking lot beside the Dining Hall.


The new Quad Cabins dedicated at the 2022 annual meeting also helped house the AIM Missionaries and other camp volunteers this summers.


But God isn't done building yet.


Back in 1952, the associaitonal forefathers couldn't have known the great impact Friendship Camp would have on God's kingdom. Praise God that they still faithfully followed God's leading!

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Brandy Britt Shutters: From Camper to Camp Director

Brandy attended Friendship Camps from the age of 7 or 8. But when her family moved to Florida, Friendship Camp took on a special significance in her life. She no longer had a church home. For awhile, her annual summer camps were where she went to hear the gospel and learn more about God.


Her history with the campground and her testimony is even more intertwined than that. In 2012, she became one of two Momentum Youth campers to be baptized in the pool. The pastors and youth pastors in attendance pledged to serve as her pastors for as long as she needed them in that role.


Brandy went on to serve as Jr. Counselor at Blaze Girls' Camp, as an AIM Missionary, and an AIM Director. In a full circle moment, she served as the Blaze Girls' Camp Director in 2023. Eight girls came to Christ at that camp.


When you help build friendship camp, you also build:

Summer Camps

The Friendship Baptist Association operates four summer camps each June. The camps are equal parts evangelism, discipleship, and training grounds for future church leaders.

Mission Training

The Friendship Baptist Association trains new missionaries each summer to serve at our camps. The campground also hosts our AIM Level 1 summer interns.

Other Ministries

The campground hosts a variety of ministry events each year for the Friendship Baptist Association, associational churches, and outside churches and ministries.

Current goal: $500,000

The Friendship Camp Development team has set a goal of raising $500,000 to finish the rest of the master plan.

Friendship Baptist Camp Masterplan

Our mission, our vision, and our future plans for Friendship Camp


Make a donation to our Together We Build Friendship Fund. For memorials or honorariums, please instruct via the optional note section for whom the gift is in honor or memory of.

Friendship Camp News

Dining Hall Parking Lot

The Friendship Camp Development team is pleased to announce the completion of the next project at the campgrounds.


The camp added a new gravel parking lot near the Dining Hall just in time for the Season Opener dinner.


That space was needed for over 400 men who needed to park before they could enter the gymnasium!


More News:

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